Still kicking...literally  

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Hey--I know I haven't posted for a while, but we are alive and kicking (some more than others), and really busy. Today was the first day in a while that Isaac woke up without a fever, so we're kind of focusing on getting Isaac well before Caleb arrives. Today was also the first day he started really displaying any symptoms besides the fever, so I'm kind of relieved that we don't have to guess so much anymore why he isn't feeling well (that's what we've had to do so far). At least he's doing much better now--hopefully he will gain an appetite again soon.
Only three more days of work for me! I will miss my kids! Today I typed up our Monday newsletter, and I wrote a note to the kids/parents saying when my last day was/how much I'll miss them all/etc. It was sad! You really grow attached to them after 8 months--even the behavior problems.


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On our way to story time this morning, Isaac and I had the pleasure of following this lovely old Nissan. Normally, I do not pay much attention to who I am following, but I noticed this car for a number of reasons: First, besides the puffs of smoke flowing out the driver's side window, the windshield was smashed out, as though they had recently been in a head-on collision that involved the driver almost being flown out the windshield. On the back they had a bumper sticker on the window that said "Drive it Like You Stole It" (I'm sure the cops like that one). But to top it all off, they decided to dangle a replica of their male anatomy from their bumper so that it flew in the air as they accelerated. I almost wish it wasn't a replica. WHY would someone choose to make that sort of statement?
Pleasure driving behind you, dude...

7 weird things about myself  

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Diane has tagged me, and since she seems to think I have nothing better to do than respond to her tag, and because we all love her, here it goes: I am supposed to list 7 weird things about myself.

1. I can't do a cartwheel, and I have never tried. I know I will look like an idiot.

2. I hope this baby will come LATE. Yes, you heard me. I want it to come after May 7th, because I want to keep teaching until then. Hopefully Caleb agrees with this.

3. I was going to go sky-diving, but I sort of chickened out the day before we were supposed to go. Adam, Luke, Zac, their dad, and Katelin all went, but I decided not to the day before. In my defense, it was more about the cost than the fear of actually jumping out of a plane. Unfortunately, they didn't let that one go for a while, and it may be a mistake mentioning it again.

4. There were 7 pairs of shoes in my living room this morning.

5. Only 2 of those pairs of shoes were not mine.

6. Of those remaining 5 pairs of shoes, probably only 1 of them fits me well.

7. I (plus Adam) own two wakeboards and bindings, our own lifejackets, and other various water sports equipment, but no one in our family or close friends has a wakeboarding/ski boat. So sad. Anyone want to buy a Parks board? Call Adam.

Once a Marine....  

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...always a Marine...but no more Sgt. Adam Meyer! We were very pleasantly surprised today when we got the mail to find Adam's discharge papers from the USMC. I was a little confused, because I could swear he was supposed to be in the IRA until this August, but I'm doing the math in my head now, and I was wrong--it was August 2007. Took a little while for that letter to arrive in our mailbox...
I have such a respect for military men and women, but you have no idea the relief it gives me to know that Adam will never be called up again! It's a little weird to me that those 8 years have already gone by. I don't miss them, but the things we learned through it all...the hard times (Iraq, even the threat of Iraq in 2003)...the fun times (friendships made)...the pride I feel for my husband that he would give up his time to serve...I wouldn't give it up. Don't get me wrong; I would never do it again willingly, but I also would not give up the lessons learned. Some lessons learned were:
1. Never eat a full bottle of spray butter. Or cup of old chew (that still makes me shudder). 2. When in doubt, just break your wrist. (kidding!) 3. When truly in doubt, pray!!!! Both of us gained such an appreciation for prayer through it all--and not even when our prayers were answered the way we wanted. Just the fact that they were answered so obviously made us both stop and say whoah several times.

Here are just a couple pictures of Adam I found lieing around. Unfortunately, everything was pre-digital, so I had to take pics of pics to get these on here, and I didn't feel like digging too hard to find more. It's uncomfortable to bend over now.

This one still makes me laugh. Adam looks so serious, and so young. I guess it was taken over 8 years ago. In real life, you almost always see him smiling.
This is better. Here he's in a blackhawk. And no, it's not just the wind that's making him squint. :-)


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We, or I should say I, had a frustrating night tonight. After trying to get Isaac to eat dinner for an hour and a half, and tossing out the third meal of the day that he wouldn't eat (and that is a very common occurence), I finally just sat him down and let him eat spoonfuls of peanut butter, yogurt, and a handful of pretzels and berries. He was so proud of himself. What a weirdo. I can practically count all the things he likes to eat on one hand. And while he's eating his gourmet meal, Adam and I at least got to enjoy fresh salmon for dinner! Kid, you don't know what you're missing...