Adam's Knee Update  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

So here's what happened to Adam's knee: he fell on it during softball practice, still was able to play the whole game, came home and it swelled up probably to the size of a football (maybe bigger). He basically got a bunch of blood in his bursa sac, and it couldn't be drained (which might be because he waited almost two weeks to go in). So, it's still a little swollen, but he can walk on it fine, but he keeps a brace on it for compression and is heating and icing it so the blood can be reabsorbed. It will take a while, but it's gone down a ton. He can feel his knee cap again under the swelling because it's gone down so much. The bad thing is, since he hurt it he hasn't been able to work, but, oh well, it was just a little summer job to make a little money before the school year starts.
Speaking of... I am getting excited for the new school year! Remind me to post pictures of my classroom (minus students) to show you what it looks like. We've been going in about once a week now just to set up and clean. There were still things in the closet and in cupboards that belonged to the previous teacher that we didn't know were there. I am really excited to meet my kids, but a little worried we will have a large class: in the spring, we already had 26 kids, which is already kind of big for 1st grade, but okay. However, there's always a few adds in the summer, especially to 1st because of the private kindergardners coming in to public school (last year we gained an extra 5 from the spring to the late fall), so we're looking at....31?! Hopefully a teacher will be moved down to 1st grade, but until then...yikes! We only have enough seats for 28!