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Here are some updates on the boys. Since he's first born, I'll do Isaac first:

Isaac has been so much fun recently! Today, for example, he has gotten a kick out of telling me thank you for pretty much everything--I take his sock off, "thank you, momma!"; I change his diaper, "thank you, momma!"; I give him a cookie, "thank you, momma!". It makes me smile. He has also recently picked up on calling me "mom" instead of "momma", so I feel like I'm listening to a 6-year old at times.

Isaac loves to make Caleb laugh, which is good, because Caleb has a serious case of hero worship, and would probably be severely depressed if his big brother did not pay attention to him.

Unfortunately, Isaac also likes to take Caleb's things. The other day, we noticed every time Caleb was playing with something, it would soon disappear. We searched for his binky at one point for a good hour without finding it. Then, we noticed Isaac take a toy from Caleb, walk behind the couch, and come back empty handed. This is what we found: Isaac had stuffed all the stuff up inside the couch, which is why we never found it by just looking under the couch. So, we finally found Caleb's toys, the wipes...look, there's my phone...and his binky.

Caleb is such a happy boy! As long as he is fed, not tired, hurt, or sick, then he will smile. He loves for people to look at him and talk to him. A lot of people say he looks like me, but I just think he looks like Caleb.

Caleb is 5 1/2 months today, and is almost crawling! He can get almost everywhere by turning around and pulling himself places, but just hasn't quite figured out how to move his arms forward when he's on his knees to go faster. He is such a mover (just like Isaac)--I already had to put the swing and bouncer away because he could get out of them months ago.


Posted by: rebecca meyer

Ahh, fall is in the air. The leaves are changing, the nights are getting longer, the air is getting colder--we finally turned on our heater--and I can’t help but think, yeah--football!
No, I am not a sports fanatic, although I am occasionally interested about a game or trade. I am ashamed to admit, however, that I have gotten so accustomed to football being played on the TV, Yahoo Sports popping up when I awaken the computer, and hearing random football stats at pretty much all hours of the day and night, that I will often be home and not realize for hours that ESPN is still blaring on the television. I am perhaps even more embarassed to admit that I have my own Fantasy football team--the "Eliminators". I think I've "eliminated" three other teams. :~)

Oh, I just remembered--no, the movie never showed kind soul returned we had to buy it. The clerk almost tried to make us pay the late fee for it, too, but we had to argue with him that we just BOUGHT the thing, of course it is late.