Life after unpredictable  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

I’m beginning to wonder if I take things too seriously.

I know I’ve always had a dramatic side, with a tendency to exaggerate, so I wonder if I make things out to be worse than they really are.

After what seemed like a hellish few weeks with Isaac, he’s so much easier. I wonder if he was sick or something and I didn’t know it? Certainly prayers had something to do with it. Sometimes I also think I’ve been unfair to Isaac, expecting him to act older than his 2-year-old self. Yes, he’s a picky eater, but should I be surprised?–myself, my sisters, and my mom were all really picky when we were young, too. So, I’m stocking up on all sorts of random things, and giving Isaac tons of choices, luckily finding something that he wants to eat at each meal. And continuing to give him his vitamins. :-)

Besides Isaac’s much more agreeable nature right now, life is busy, as it always is with kids. Caleb is constantly reaching new milestones (walking at 9 months, finally got his first tooth), and we’re working on potty training Isaac. Isaac has also been introduced to the movie Finding Nemo, which I think has currently moved Cars out of his favorite movie spot. We filed taxes and got our federal tax refund back today. (yippee!) I took my class on a field trip to OMSI–lots of fun, and crazy, but no kids were lost! :-) I’m also working on fixing up a few things in our house, because we’ve decided to put it up on the market probably next week. It will probably take a while to sell because I won’t drop the price much, but we don’t need to sell it desperately so we can afford to wait for now. It’ll be sad to leave our first home, but we’re ready for something else–something bigger.

Here’s hoping the economy picks up this spring...yeah, right.

Caleb is walking!  

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Yes, you saw the title--Caleb took his first unassisted steps today! He walked from me to Adam, about three steps, all on his own, and is now walking a few steps more and more!

And he will only be 9 months on Saturday....


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I feel like this blog has been dedicated to my struggles with my two year old son–maybe I should change the title to "Help Me Please"–but sometimes, it’s the safest place for me to vent. I’m so sorry to those of you reading this. It’s why I deleted my previous blog. I promise there are good times, lots of them, but right now, they’re being far overshadowed by all the bad.

I have been reduced to a short-order-cook, and right now there’s nothing I can do about it. Isaac is ridiculously picky about his food, and I really try to make him something I think he will eat, but it all depends on his volatile mood swings. Last night I gave him the "offensive" dinner of chicken nuggets (something he usually likes–but again, it all depends on his current unpredictable mood), but found out too late that he didn’t want it, so he screamed off and on for 3 hours, either at the table or in his room where we sent him when we had enough. Finally, at 8:00pm, I put the chicken nuggets in his hand, and made him take a bite, and he finished off the rest on his own.
I don’t get it.
Every time I decide that this is the night he’s going to eat what I give him, we have to battle it out for 3 or 4 hours–more often than not, he just doesn’t eat at all–and frankly, I’m just too worn out to listen to that long of a temper tantrum so I usually make him something different just so he eats something and gets over it.
The hardest part is guessing what he will eat. Last week, he only wanted to eat Yoplait’s Thick and Creamy strawberry yogurt. Now, after I’ve stocked up on it, he only wants to eat Disney Cars fruit snacks. For about a month, he only wanted to eat peanut butter toast, but now he won’t touch that. Of course I don’t give him only these things at each meal–but it does mean I have a tougher fight when that’s all he wants to eat. Doctors say to not make meal time a battle; that he’ll eat when he gets hungry enough. He must be an exception to that rule, because no, he won’t eat when he’s hungry enough. Not if it’s not what he wants. Believe me, I’ve tried. I wasn’t joking when I told Adam last night that we may as well dump our savings account down the garbage, because that’s where most of our food goes.

It’s lunch time. Sigh. I don’t even know where to start and I don't want to.

New Year's Resolution 2009  

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In 2007, Adam and I made our resolution be to read the Bible straight through. We did it, but then in 2008, I made too many excuses and I'm ashamed to admit it, barely opened my Bible outside of church. Stupid. I realize I've left God out by not spending time with Him. Soooo, this year, my resolution is pretty much the same again: read the Bible through again, but this year I altered it so that I'm reading part of the Old Testament along with the New each week. I've even got my list up above my computer so I can cross off each week's passage (I am such a list person--I get this weird satisfaction from crossing a line through something). I got a late start, though, so I'm still finishing Genesis. I'm getting excited, because each time I do this, I learn something new or find a new way for what I'm reading to be applied to life.

Rays of Sunshine  

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After my less than cheerful post, here are some rays of sunshine! Enjoy!