Soccer and a Shooting  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

Today was Isaac's first day at soccer camp, and, boy, was it memorable! We started off the camp with Isaac refusing to play, which is fine--annoying, because it was hard to get him to stop pulling on my legs, but fine. At least the camp was free, and he got free shin guards and a water bottle! It's got to be hard to coach 3-5 year olds, but our coaches actually did a good job!

What really made it memorable, though, was that while we were watching his friends play, we heard a gunshot.

Yes, gunshot.

When we looked across the field, we saw a few guys run and tackle someone down. Immediately, since it happened near our end of the field, a couple of our friends sprinted towards them (yeah, I know, really smart) and pulled some people apart and broke a fight up. Again, I realize I am surrounded by geniuses. There had been a robbery right next to the soccer field--when our friends sprinted over, people were running away from it, and there were dollar bills all over the place. At this point, I don't know if someone was actually shot (I never saw an ambulance), although I know they did retrieve the gun, but I'm positive it will be on the news tonight.

Isaac did get to see a bunch of police cars, though, since most of Gresham police and some of Portland police were immediately there. He even got to say thank you to one of the officers! I see a future Cops show addict...

I do have to give kudos to the volunteers at Portland Lutheran: they didn't sign up for this, but acted quickly to keep everyone calm and safe. I will probably be back tomorrow to try again. Thank you!


Posted by: rebecca meyer

Quote from a friend:

"If I'm not brought to a point of worship each day, I'm not sure the day had purpose!"

Loved it.