OMSI Fun  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

We got an OMSI pass after Christmas, mainly so we have a fun place to go when it's nasty outside (like it has been recently--the basketball hoop was blown over at least 3 times...just yesterday!). Here are some of the things the boys like to do and see:

This is one of Isaac's favorite things to do at OMSI--play with Playdough (or Flubber, which was out yesterday). They have a big Science Playground, for kids under 6, with lots of things to experiment and play with, including a giant sandbox, craft stations, water stations, puppets, and invention centers. We could spend the whole time in this room.

Sorry this picture is so dark, but this is another of Isaac's favorite things to see at OMSI--Samson, one of the world's most complete T-Rex skeletons. It's on display until September.

Here is some sort of water or irrigation exhibit that goes along with soil samples from Johnson Creek. The kids like it because they can dig in the sand and play with the animals in the water.

Bless OMSI for having a fun thing right next to their exit.