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I am looking around my house, and here are the things I am currently doing RIGHT NOW all at the same time (Adam's playing b-ball):

*Searching for Caleb's binky and Isaac's milk
*Giving Isaac dinner
*Cleaning dishes
*Packing up diaper bag to get ready for work tomorrow
*Laundry (which has been sitting in the dryer since...Friday?)
*Trying to take garbage out
*Typing up this blog

And on top of all the things to-do, I am worried about having a job next year and anxious about a troubled student.

Jeez, talk about multi-tasking...I feel too scatterbrained and I know it won't all get instead I blog. How do full-time career moms do it? I work 2.5 days a week, and that is sometimes overwhelming.


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Easter, like every other holiday, was busy with lots of family....but slightly less busy since my family was out of town. Sunday was church, then home, then Grandpa Meyer's, then Grandma Becka's.
Here is Adam with his grandpa Arden. Love this picture--anything showing the different generations are so special to me, especially since Adam was the first grandson, and Isaac is the first great-grandson. Saturday we spent with friends and went to Blue Lake park to do an Easter egg hunt, meet the Easter bunny (I am not into that tradition, but it was kind of cute), and play at the park.

The Paper Will Kill the Children  

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Okay, the title sounds kind of silly, but just read on...

I am so frustrated with the fire marshall right now. We spent hours, days, money, tons of time, decorating our classroom, making it a bright, cheery environment conducive to learning, and now the fire marshall came and visited our school and we have to take it all down! I am so sad and frustrated that there are no words. It breaks my heart that this person is forcing us to spend our time making our room less inviting.

Here are just SOME of the things we have to change in our room (because if there is a fire, having no paper on the walls will really save the kids):

*Every wall can only be covered 40% by anything (bulletin boards, chalkboards, charts, etc.), so we have to take down:
-Bulletin boards (no, not quite all of them, but still...)
-Birthday charts
-The Alphabet
-A-Z lists
*Also, things hanging from the ceiling must be at least 24" down (everything in our room is!!!!), but... it can't be made out of paper. And, if it is hanging down, it has to be sprayed with a stinky, dangerous, expensive non-combustible spray. So...
-ALL of the students work and art hanging from the ceiling must come down.
-The curtains in our writing center must come off
-More Alphabet charts have to come down

We also have to get rid of the letters students have written to us, get rid of our personal bulletin board...I am just exhausted thinking about it and want to cry. Obviously the fire marshall does not have children or they just plain do not support education, because making any of these changes is going to protect our kids any more. We wouldn't want them to take pride in their work at school--let them join one of the gangs that hangs out in the neighborhood. Maybe there they will gain some sort of identity.

Fred W. Decker  

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In loving memory of Dr. Fred W. Decker, my mom's dad

Born 1917
Died April 3, 2009

My grandpa was probably one of the smartest men I have or will ever know. He knew something, and had something to say, about anything I ever asked. He also had this amazing ability to continue, and not stop, a single sentence for more than 5 minutes. :0) He impacted the world in so many ways--he was in the Army Air Corps during World War II, he worked for Pres. Regan in the Department of Education, he taught meteorolgy at OSU, was a Freemason, Toastmaster, and so many other things... He led an extremely full life, and was married to my grandma for 66 years. When asked what it what like to be married to her for nearly 67 years, he replied "I wish I had another 67". He followed my grandma only 9 days after she died. He is and will be, like my grandma, very missed.