Fred W. Decker  

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In loving memory of Dr. Fred W. Decker, my mom's dad

Born 1917
Died April 3, 2009

My grandpa was probably one of the smartest men I have or will ever know. He knew something, and had something to say, about anything I ever asked. He also had this amazing ability to continue, and not stop, a single sentence for more than 5 minutes. :0) He impacted the world in so many ways--he was in the Army Air Corps during World War II, he worked for Pres. Regan in the Department of Education, he taught meteorolgy at OSU, was a Freemason, Toastmaster, and so many other things... He led an extremely full life, and was married to my grandma for 66 years. When asked what it what like to be married to her for nearly 67 years, he replied "I wish I had another 67". He followed my grandma only 9 days after she died. He is and will be, like my grandma, very missed.

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Oh Becki, I was so sad to hear of your double loss. What a legacy they have left you though. It is neat to read how they have impacted your life. They look like the sweet grandparents every child wants.:-)

I am saddened to read of your loss. I just found out. Prof. Decker was my first Meteorology Instructor when I took my first weather class, via correspondence, during my early days with NOAA's National Weather Service. I now have earned a professional certification in Meteorology. He was smart and thought-provoking.

He started the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society over 60 years ago. I was its President during 2005-2009. I made mention of Prof. Decker in our Chapter information pamphlet, which can be found here:

The last time we all saw Prof. Decker was an OR-AMS meeting five years ago. He will be missed by his OR-AMS weather friends. Best wishes to the family!

Hi Becki,

I'm sorry to hear of your grandparent's deaths.

My parents, Del and Marcia Peterson were long time friends of your grandparents. I'm not sure where they first met. My father was a weather observer at Spokane for a few years during WW-II, then went to University of Chicago and New York City. He was at the Weather Bureau in Salt Lake City for six years, where I was born. After a year at University of Washington, he took a job with Pan American Airways, at Tokyo in 1953. I started school at American School in Japan, and in 1956 we moved to Maryland, where he took a Weather Bureau job in climatology, under one of his professors from University of Chicago.

I remember visiting the Decker family in Corvallis when we took a trip west in 1958. We lived in Yakima in 1960-61, and took a trip to Southern Oregon and Smith River CA,and visited them again during that trip. My parents moved back to Forest Grove, where my mother grew up, in 1972, after my father's civilian Air Force job was abolished and he took his retirement. I know that my father communicated with your grandfather over the ensuing years.

My father died in May of 1994. My mother died on March 13th, one month after her 91st birthday.

Andy Peterson
Portland OR

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