Posted by: rebecca meyer

I am looking around my house, and here are the things I am currently doing RIGHT NOW all at the same time (Adam's playing b-ball):

*Searching for Caleb's binky and Isaac's milk
*Giving Isaac dinner
*Cleaning dishes
*Packing up diaper bag to get ready for work tomorrow
*Laundry (which has been sitting in the dryer since...Friday?)
*Trying to take garbage out
*Typing up this blog

And on top of all the things to-do, I am worried about having a job next year and anxious about a troubled student.

Jeez, talk about multi-tasking...I feel too scatterbrained and I know it won't all get instead I blog. How do full-time career moms do it? I work 2.5 days a week, and that is sometimes overwhelming.

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