Adam's Knee  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

Adam hurt his knee playing softball. I think he landed on it too hard, on a hard ground, and that night it started swelling up like a balloon. Now, 4 days later, it is still swollen (although maybe a little less), and there's bruising behind the knee. I'm sure he tore some sort of ligament, but we don't know what. Has this happened to anyone else? Right now I am having to take care of 3 boys, because Adam can only get around with crutches.

When I make mistakes...  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

I am constantly reminded of mistakes I have made. For example, when I drive by our local school bus service station and drive over the crosswalk the drivers walk on to get to their buses, I am reminded of the time when I once drove through it without stopping, and someone was walking across. Yes, I saw them. I could have hit them, but thank you God I did not. It happened about 5 years ago, and I still feel guilty over this thankfully little thing. I still shudder thinking about what could have happened if I had hit them--and all because I was too impatient to slow down. When I am reminded of mistakes like this (or others--believe me, there's a ton...and not just related to driving) I just thank God for forgiving me for making them. Even though I still have to live with the consequences, at least I can have peace knowing Jesus died for these mistakes and covered them.

Lund Wedding  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

Sunday, June 29, my youngest sister got married! Elisa married Lt. Chris Lund at Good Shepherd in a military ceremony. Very cool, and really beautiful. They had chosen the date partly so it would coincide with our church's annual patriotic service, so there were lots of red, white, and blue decorations up. The coolest part was at the end, as they kissed, they set off "fireworks" on the stage (it was really confetti shot into the air). That was a surprise for Chris and Elisa, which I almost ruined when I started talking to her about how cool the fireworks would be. I had to quickly cover and talk about the sparklers we were planning on lighting as they left for their honeymoon (which didn't happen, as you'll soon read why).

Yes, Sunday was also the day of thunderstorms, and yes, it poured, and yes, it was an outdoor reception. We joked about thunder roaring right as they kissed (I don't know if it actually did). The rain actually worked out okay, though, because Chris and Elisa had just cut the cake when it started to drizzle then pour, and most everyone had already eaten their first round, so it was a good time for people to leave if they wanted. It did look kind of funny, though, as Elisa and Chris went to take a slice, and half the guests got up and literally ran away! :-) We'll be talking about that forever. Fortunately we were able to move everything up indoors in the church.Afterwards, since we realized we had forgotten to get a picture of the whole family with Cherianne' husband Ben and Adam, Isaac and Caleb, and since Chris & Elisa won't be back in Oregon until Thanksgiving, we all got together to watch them open their presents and get a picture. Here we all are!