Adam's Knee  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

Adam hurt his knee playing softball. I think he landed on it too hard, on a hard ground, and that night it started swelling up like a balloon. Now, 4 days later, it is still swollen (although maybe a little less), and there's bruising behind the knee. I'm sure he tore some sort of ligament, but we don't know what. Has this happened to anyone else? Right now I am having to take care of 3 boys, because Adam can only get around with crutches.

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I can always babysit for you whenever you need me to. Ben and I love the little ones!

Oh Becki! I don't know what to tell you. Send the boys to Cherianne's and take a break!!!

How is Adam's knee doing? I have been thinking a lot about you guys. Hope all is well.
It was super fun to see you the other day. Maybe sometime we can meet up there with the hubbies and hangout!

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