When I make mistakes...  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

I am constantly reminded of mistakes I have made. For example, when I drive by our local school bus service station and drive over the crosswalk the drivers walk on to get to their buses, I am reminded of the time when I once drove through it without stopping, and someone was walking across. Yes, I saw them. I could have hit them, but thank you God I did not. It happened about 5 years ago, and I still feel guilty over this thankfully little thing. I still shudder thinking about what could have happened if I had hit them--and all because I was too impatient to slow down. When I am reminded of mistakes like this (or others--believe me, there's a ton...and not just related to driving) I just thank God for forgiving me for making them. Even though I still have to live with the consequences, at least I can have peace knowing Jesus died for these mistakes and covered them.

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Hi Meyers,
Are you guys around and available this Thursday evening? We are having a bonfire and s'mores up here at our house around 8ish and would love to have you come. (if you burn your 'mallow, someone throws one really hard at your bare stomach...or something like that)
Josiah's girlfriend, Ashley is in town for a few days, so she'll be there.

AMEN Becki! I'm sure glad he forgives us.

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