Life after unpredictable  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

I’m beginning to wonder if I take things too seriously.

I know I’ve always had a dramatic side, with a tendency to exaggerate, so I wonder if I make things out to be worse than they really are.

After what seemed like a hellish few weeks with Isaac, he’s so much easier. I wonder if he was sick or something and I didn’t know it? Certainly prayers had something to do with it. Sometimes I also think I’ve been unfair to Isaac, expecting him to act older than his 2-year-old self. Yes, he’s a picky eater, but should I be surprised?–myself, my sisters, and my mom were all really picky when we were young, too. So, I’m stocking up on all sorts of random things, and giving Isaac tons of choices, luckily finding something that he wants to eat at each meal. And continuing to give him his vitamins. :-)

Besides Isaac’s much more agreeable nature right now, life is busy, as it always is with kids. Caleb is constantly reaching new milestones (walking at 9 months, finally got his first tooth), and we’re working on potty training Isaac. Isaac has also been introduced to the movie Finding Nemo, which I think has currently moved Cars out of his favorite movie spot. We filed taxes and got our federal tax refund back today. (yippee!) I took my class on a field trip to OMSI–lots of fun, and crazy, but no kids were lost! :-) I’m also working on fixing up a few things in our house, because we’ve decided to put it up on the market probably next week. It will probably take a while to sell because I won’t drop the price much, but we don’t need to sell it desperately so we can afford to wait for now. It’ll be sad to leave our first home, but we’re ready for something else–something bigger.

Here’s hoping the economy picks up this spring...yeah, right.

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I'm glad to hear that Issac is doing better. We just went through the same kind of thing with Jack--really bad behavior, at our wits end. In talking with other people, it seems like kids do this kind of thing every so often...maybe it's just part of development, but man, it stinks.
Anyway, glad to hear things are better and have fun with potty training!!

Oh Becki I'm so very glad things are better with Isaac. I've been praying. You sure are keeping busy. I misses you on Wed but I totally understand why walking was just too much that day ;) We'll be working on potty training before too long too. I Hope to see you soon!

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