New Year's Resolution 2009  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

In 2007, Adam and I made our resolution be to read the Bible straight through. We did it, but then in 2008, I made too many excuses and I'm ashamed to admit it, barely opened my Bible outside of church. Stupid. I realize I've left God out by not spending time with Him. Soooo, this year, my resolution is pretty much the same again: read the Bible through again, but this year I altered it so that I'm reading part of the Old Testament along with the New each week. I've even got my list up above my computer so I can cross off each week's passage (I am such a list person--I get this weird satisfaction from crossing a line through something). I got a late start, though, so I'm still finishing Genesis. I'm getting excited, because each time I do this, I learn something new or find a new way for what I'm reading to be applied to life.

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