Movie Night  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

This is hopefully not a typical movie night for us, but here's how it's going so far: Tonight we stopped at the Gresham Hollywood video, rented "Made of Honor", then ran into good ol’ Freddie’s for some snacks. We grabbed one of their red race-car shopping carts for Isaac to drive, only he wanted to run instead, so we put the cart back, and let him run between aisles as we got our stuff. Then, as paying for our stuff, it hit us: we left the movie in the cart! So, we ran back to where the cart had been, which of course was gone by now, so Adam and I started searching through the store (it’s hard to miss those red carts), asking everyone who had one if they found a movie in it. Of course, no one did. After nearly an hour, no movie in red carts, no movie turned into customer service, no movie returned back to Hollywood. I suspect said movie went home in someone’s purse. So, we re-rented it, and are about to enjoy our relaxing movie night. Grrrr. It better be a good one. Stay tuned...

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Oh wow, how frustrating! I don't think we could make it through a movie anymore. We can do about an hour and then we're too tired. I hope you ended up getting some R&R

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