Baby's coming soon!  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

Apparently I'm being induced tomorrow! That is a surprise to me, but a welcome one! Today a nurse from Sunnyside called to confirm my appointment to be induced tomorrow night--an appointment I didn't know had been made! I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow afternoon, and apparently we'll talk about the induction and confirm it then. I don't know what time exactly the induction is--I suspect it will actually be really early Wednesday morning--but yeah! Baby is coming soon!

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YEAH!!! No more big tummy! We're ready to welcome Caleb!

Yippie! Caleb's "great aunt" Brenda and "great uncle" Eric, as well as his cousins are so excited to meet him. We will pray for a speedy deliery (and safe as well)

So sorry my v is not working. I meant "delivery". I do not really know what a deliery is, unless it is toddler language. Please let us know when he has safely arrived.

So excited for you guys! Praying for everyone, you, baby, Adam and Issac, while mom and dad are gone at the hospital. Updates please!

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