My Little Boys!  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

We absolutely love having two little boys in our house now! Caleb is doing great, and Isaac is doing really well with his little brother! Here are some new pictures of the two of them--enjoy!
Taken this morning--13 days old! Personally, I think he is looking a lot like his big brother.

Believe it or not, that is Caleb under all that. Isaac has a fascination with baseball hats right now, so he let his brother wear one. This was the first time we let Isaac hold Caleb by himself. He loved it!

How cute! Actually, I think Isaac was kind of hoping Caleb would move so he could play with the activity mat himself.

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THey are so precious! Having 2 is so much fun...enjoy:)

I'm glad you took those pictures and shared them. Totally precious. My favorite pictures of the kids are when they are together, interacting.
You're gonna make me cry, dang it.
Thanks for sharing. :-)

So cute, I am so happy for you guys and your 2 handsome boys!

SO cute. I love the pic of Isaac holding him. Hope to see you guys soon for a BBQ!! I'll email you soon!

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