Bedtime smiles  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

Isaac has been sleeping in a twin-sized bed now for a couple weeks, and he's been doing great! Only once has he gotten out of bed when he wasn't supposed to (which was only because Adam let him go to bed with a balloon to play with on his birthday). He likes to sleep with his stuffed monkey and puppy, and I caught him tucking his monkey in once. The weird thing about his bed, though, is that the person who gave us the mattress insisted it was a standard size mattress--and it is, but the box spring that went with it is extra long and sticks out an extra 5 inches.

And here's something else to smile about: Daddy! (I smile, too!) Caleb is so cute when he smiles! He smiles a lot in the morning, or after a long nap.

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I'm so glad Wizzie has a loving friend to cuddle with. :)

Oh my gosh, he is so cute!! (Caleb's smile)
But Isaac is is adorable as always. Thanks for sharing the love.

Oh so sweet! Thanks for making ME smile!!!

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