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Here are some pictures from the last week or so:
Adam's been going fishing a lot recently, and took Isaac along. Ick...those fish just disgusted me. I don't know why--I like trout, but they just grossed me out this time. Isaac was fascinated with them, and insisted on us bringing them in the house. He even gave them his shoes (which will now remain outside shoes).
Isaac and momma! That's fingerpaint all over him--thank God it was washable. Isaac looking at the fountain at MHCC.
This kick 'n play is a life saver. The batteries died in it about a week ago, and I only just got new ones today (size D--I never seem to have them). What a relief!
What a stud.
Hmmm...apparently I didn't get to the dishes in time...

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Great pics, your boys are so cute. I love the fishing one of Adam and Isaac, soo cute! Glad we get to see you guys soon!

Thanks so much for putting up pictures. That kick-play thing saved me too! Yea Adam for catching something. Jon's given up fishing since heh never gets anything.

We were fishing,too. But we didn't see any tykes as cute as yours there.
Can't wait to see Caleb. You guys coming for the Fourth?

i love the fishing pictures! were does adam fish at? my boys love fishing! your boys are so sweet.

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