I Caved  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

After years of resisting starting up a blog, I finally caved. So...here we are! Nothing exciting yet...not much news to share...just waiting to not be pregnant anymore (ie. Caleb to be born). This pregnancy has been fine so far, I'm just so tired of being big and clumsy. I forgot what it was like since I had Isaac. I am so anxious to have my body back that I even went and bought my swimsuit already! Can't wait for the warm weather!

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Yay, Becky! Now we'll be expecting lots of pictures. :-)
Diane and Rod

I'm so glad you decided to blog. I've been hoping you would. Sorry you're feeling so pregnant...I'm not looking forward to that feeling again. I'm hoping to enjoy swimsuit season and I too can't wait for the warm weather.

Welcome to the blog world!

Hmmm. I find it a very sad thing that the first time I see your son is a picture of him in a dog carrier. Hahaha. We must change this soon. :) Hope all is well!

It was good to see you guys the other day! Hope to see you again soon. You look great despite how you feel! I mean it:)

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