Our Little Couch Potato  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

Today I looked over at Isaac to see him staring at the TV, completely oblivious to anything but whatever was on the Disney channel. Of course, as soon as he noticed I took out the camera, he snapped out of it. Wouldn't want momma to see him like that! Ahhh...the skills we teach our kids...

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In these pictures, he sure looks like Adam! Maybe it is just the lighting...or maybe it is because he is Adam's son. :-)
Did you see the new "puppy" Craig and Lisa got to play with Jazzy? Too funny!

I agree, especially in that second one he looks SO much like Adam!! Oh and your IKEA trip sounds like our first experience as well. Once you figure out it's not a good store for toddlers and you go during a weekday or without them it's GREAT!!

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