Resurrection Day  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

Easter was fun and busy, as usual, this year. These are just some of the "benefits" of split in-laws. We spent the morning with my parents, then drove out to West Linn to spend the afternoon with Adam's mom's side, and then went to Adam's dad's for dinner. It was really fun, but so busy. I keep saying that someday we won't be able to go everywhere, but I think it will be a long time before we stop, because, like I said, it still is fun. Besides, it's been nice not to have to cook an Easter meal yet. :-)

On the way to West Linn, we stopped for gas at the Damascus 76, and as we were leaving, this really nice gas attendant told us "Have a happy Resurrection Day!". I thought that was so cool! I think he's worked there for a while now--older man, always cheerful. It just caught me off guard, because we're so used to everyone secularizing important Christian holidays that we forget what it's really about.

On that note, Isaac got a new toddler's Bible for Easter. He loves it when we read it to him, and always asks, "Sssat?" (translation: "what's that?"). Of course, he's still a little more interested in the pictures of barn animals and fish than he is in Jesus, but it's a start...

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Thanks for putting that video up. He's the only one I didn't get to see because I had to attend to Noah. I'm still a fan of David A. though. You're David did a good job I'll admit he's just not my style! Too bad we can't get together anymore to watch AI. I miss seeing it with everyone!

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