7 weird things about myself  

Posted by: rebecca meyer

Diane has tagged me, and since she seems to think I have nothing better to do than respond to her tag, and because we all love her, here it goes: I am supposed to list 7 weird things about myself.

1. I can't do a cartwheel, and I have never tried. I know I will look like an idiot.

2. I hope this baby will come LATE. Yes, you heard me. I want it to come after May 7th, because I want to keep teaching until then. Hopefully Caleb agrees with this.

3. I was going to go sky-diving, but I sort of chickened out the day before we were supposed to go. Adam, Luke, Zac, their dad, and Katelin all went, but I decided not to the day before. In my defense, it was more about the cost than the fear of actually jumping out of a plane. Unfortunately, they didn't let that one go for a while, and it may be a mistake mentioning it again.

4. There were 7 pairs of shoes in my living room this morning.

5. Only 2 of those pairs of shoes were not mine.

6. Of those remaining 5 pairs of shoes, probably only 1 of them fits me well.

7. I (plus Adam) own two wakeboards and bindings, our own lifejackets, and other various water sports equipment, but no one in our family or close friends has a wakeboarding/ski boat. So sad. Anyone want to buy a Parks board? Call Adam.

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Hey girl. I love reading ramdom things about people. I especially like the one about wanting Caleb to be late. I will be praying for you on that one:) Colby was born May 7th. It's a good birthday to have too. Hopefully we will see you Tuesday.

That was fun! Seven pairs of shoes? Seriously?
Thanks for playing!

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