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On our way to story time this morning, Isaac and I had the pleasure of following this lovely old Nissan. Normally, I do not pay much attention to who I am following, but I noticed this car for a number of reasons: First, besides the puffs of smoke flowing out the driver's side window, the windshield was smashed out, as though they had recently been in a head-on collision that involved the driver almost being flown out the windshield. On the back they had a bumper sticker on the window that said "Drive it Like You Stole It" (I'm sure the cops like that one). But to top it all off, they decided to dangle a replica of their male anatomy from their bumper so that it flew in the air as they accelerated. I almost wish it wasn't a replica. WHY would someone choose to make that sort of statement?
Pleasure driving behind you, dude...

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That is crazy..I have seen those hangy things on the backs of trucks and they are so gross.

There's a truck here in Sandy with the same display. When Mom and Donna saw it they almost went off the road in shock! Let me know when that boy makes his arrival!

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