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We, or I should say I, had a frustrating night tonight. After trying to get Isaac to eat dinner for an hour and a half, and tossing out the third meal of the day that he wouldn't eat (and that is a very common occurence), I finally just sat him down and let him eat spoonfuls of peanut butter, yogurt, and a handful of pretzels and berries. He was so proud of himself. What a weirdo. I can practically count all the things he likes to eat on one hand. And while he's eating his gourmet meal, Adam and I at least got to enjoy fresh salmon for dinner! Kid, you don't know what you're missing...

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How frustrating! He wasn't always like that was he? I hope you enjoyed your meal!

I remember those days well! Looking forward to your shower Sunday. Yay~

You REALLY need to blog more often. I tagged you over on my blog. Come over and see when you have a chance. ;-)

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